Elder care options have improved over the years, and home care services—personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, and much more—are helpful in so many ways; yet many families are often unsure as to what lifestyle changes may warrant extra help for their aging loved ones. Whether a few hours a week or full-time, around the clock care is required, qualified care managers can coordinate an appropriate care plan.

Examples of when in-home care can lend a helping hand and improve wellbeing and safety are:


  • An elderly senior wishes to remain at home but needs some extra help with daily tasks in order to remain healthy and safe
  • A senior is losing his or her eyesight, has lost a driver’s license and would like transportation, assistance with daily tasks and assistance with safety and tips to make living at home more comfortable
  • A senior lives alone and is becoming increasingly frail and the family is concerned about safety
  • A senior is recovering from hip surgery and is prone to another fall

Caregiver Requires Some Time Off from Caregiving

  • A family caregiver would like some assistance with care in order to get some respite from the demanding care needs being provided
  • A family caregiver needs some assistance in order to go to work
  • A caregiver is needed during a family vacation

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Our next post will discuss how home care and home health care services may be appropriate after leaving the hospital or managing health conditions at home.