Senior AdultThe sudden onset of a stroke can leave a family urgently in need of guidance and support in the best ways to care for their family member who has suffered a stroke. A professional home care agency such as Live Free Home Health Care in  Concord can fill that need, helping to make life more comfortable after a stroke.

Downloadable Tools and Tips:

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Web Resources:

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Stroke Fact Sheet

Informative fact sheet from Family Caregiver Alliance outlines various details regarding strokes, including symptoms, effects, treatment and risk factors.

Stroke Caregivers Handbook

Stroke Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) created a stroke caregivers handbook, a guide for those needing help in dealing with the crisis of a stroke. Also available to download as a PDF.

Stroke Awareness Quiz

Take this short quiz and see if you’re up to par on strokes and stroke awareness, courtesy of

Know Stroke

Informative Web site promotes stroke awareness, educates on signs of stroke, and provides a number of materials such as brochures, posters and videos, courtesy of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Stroke Care offers advice regarding home care for stroke survivors, as well as how to create a stroke care plan and put it into effect.

How to Care: Stroke provides answers to some frequently asked questions concerning stroke care, in addition to strategies to help caregivers cope.

Life After Stroke

The American Stroke Association offers an assortment of downloadable resource sheets covering a wide range of topics dealing with life after stroke.

American Stroke Association

An educational site including information on Stroke Prevention, Stroke Risk Factors, and Stroke Symptoms.

The Stroke Network

Support network designed for survivors and caregivers of adult stroke.

Care for the Heart. Care for a life.

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