Earlier this month, Live Free Home Health Care’s home care specialists in Concord, NH and surrounding areas offered tips for patients preparing for their return home. If day-to-day treatment or other monitoring care is needed, in-home caregivers may be able to provide help to prevent a hospital readmission—and keep loved ones independent for as long as possible.

Please consider the following situations where home care services may be appropriate:

Return Home From the Hospital, Nursing or Rehab Facility

  • A person is being discharged from the hospital or a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility and requires transportation home and assistance with picking up medications, grocery shopping, making meals and tidying up
  • Care is needed in the 72-hour period between hospital discharge and when a home health nurse is scheduled to start services and provide some assistance

Recovering From Illness, Cancer or Surgery

  • A person is recovering from an acute illness and requires extra care during recovery
  • A person needs some extra help at home to assist while recuperating from chemotherapy treatments
  • A person is homebound after elective surgery
  • A person is recovering after a stroke
  • A person is recovering after a heart attack or heart surgery
  • A person is returning home after an injury or an illness

Education and Help Managing Chronic Disease Symptoms

  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s as well as many other chronic, debilitating conditions

Live Free Home Health Care’s home care specialists in Concord, NH  and nearby communities are here to offer further guidance and options for home assistance. If you’re looking for a partner in home care in the Lakes Region or Central New Hampshire, contact Live Free Home Health Care today at 603-217-0149, and let us help make your life a little easier.