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At Live Free Home Health Care, we strive to help all our clients and their families live free from worry. Our New Hampshire senior care team is committed to helping our clients maintain independence and remain safe at home for as long as possible, and helping their families find the balance and assistance they need.

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We practice responsive, proactive elderly care, with a focus on planning, coordination, communication, and anticipating future needs.

Our skilled home health care or non-medical in-home elderly care services are customized to meet your loved one’s current needs. Each personal care plan is regularly evaluated and updated by our nursing staff in collaboration with the client’s primary care provider. This ensures cohesive elderly care and communication among providers.

Our non-medical home care services include:

New Hampshire Senior Care


We also offer a wide array of skilled home health care and specialty care services. Visit our Specialty Care page to learn more.

Discreet Technology for Enhanced Safety at Home

Home care services help older adults remain safe, comfortable, and independent at home. But what happens when a caregiver leaves at the end of their shift? Unless a person is receiving around the clock care at their home, there will be times when they are without immediate access to assistance. To provide an extra layer of support between caregiver visits, we partner with StackCare, a provider of in-home safety technology.

What’s SmartCare by StackCare and How Does It Work?

Unlike an in-home camera system or a wearable pendant, SmartCare is unobtrusive and will not interfere with a person’s privacy or lifestyle. SmartCare’s technology works through small, inconspicuously placed sensors that blend seamlessly into the home environment. These sensors send signals to a computer system that learns an individual’s typical activities, behaviors, and routines. If there are alterations in a person’s patterns that might be a cause for concern, a real-time alert is generated that can go to family members or our agency.

Discover the Benefits of SmartCare Today

If you’re searching for a discreet and effective solution to help an older adult maintain their safety and independence at home, contact us to learn more about SmartCare’s features and how it can enhance peace of mind.

If you or a loved one is in need of quality and compassionate in home senior health care services in New Hampton, NH or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 603-217-0149.

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