Great news! Your loved one is going home soon. Now, it’s time to prepare to take care of your loved one’s needs outside of the health care setting. There are important questions to ask before a hospital discharge, and there are necessary arrangements to make for senior care at home to complete a smooth and safe transition.

Communicate with the physicians and ask:

  • What are the options for care after discharge?
  • What sorts of medical equipment will be needed (such as a walker)?
  • Who is arranging the delivery and installation of the medical equipment and what is the number to call with questions about the equipment?
  • Are there any special tasks such as medication doses, changing a bandage or giving a shot that need to be demonstrated and taught? Write down a name and phone number to call if help is needed.
  • Are there support groups or a social worker to speak with regarding any concerns about how you or your family is coping with the illness?
  • How can an in-home caregiver help manage transition care?

Download our free Going Home Preparation Packet for a simple way to document all your questions and answers, phone numbers, instructions and medications.

Live Free Home Health Care of New Hampshire is here to offer further guidance and options that can give you peace of mind as you rest or recuperate at home. If you’re looking for a partner in home care in the Lakes Region or Central New Hampshire, contact Live Free Home Health Care today at 603-217-0149, and let us help make your life a little easier.