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When your organization, professional, social or community group wants to better understand aging, home care, options for care or disease management at home, Live Free Home Health Care has answers.

Our senior care experts are available for your next event with informative PowerPoint presentations and helpful takeaway resources.

Our caregivers and staff members are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of aging care issues, and we are always happy to use our expertise to educate members of our community and help others make better, more informed care decisions. If you would like to hire a member of the Live Free Home Health Care team to present to your group or organization, give us a call at 603-217-0149

The following is a list of presentations that we can provide:

Benefits of Home Care:

Why and When It Is Better than Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care

Understanding when home care is an appropriate option will make facing the daunting choices of long-term care easier to navigate. This presentation explains:

  • The choices in privately paid home care services agencies.
  • How to know when home care is an appropriate option.
  • Options to pay for in-home care.
  • Ways to make sure that in-home care is quality care.

Fall Prevention:

Statistics, Contributing Factors, Tips and Products for Preventing Falls

One of the most powerful downward spirals can often begin with a simple fall. Fall prevention is an essential element of caregiving. Learn:

  • The important role of fall prevention.
  • Why falling can be the beginning of a powerful downward spiral.
  • The physical factors contributing to a fall.
  • Tips for preventing falls indoors and in specific living spaces of the house.
  • Products that assist in fall prevention.

Alzheimer’s Awareness:

Understanding the Signs for Alzheimer’s Disease Means Decoding Dementia, Delirium and Depression

This essential presentation explains the basics of Alzheimer’s disease and helps people to understand when a person has Alzheimer’s, which can often be mistaken for alternative memory problems such as dementia, delirium and depression. It includes:

  • Understanding dementia, the warning signs and causes.
  • Understanding delirium, the warning signs and causes.
  • Understanding depression, the warning signs and causes.
  • Understanding Alzheimer’s, the warning signs and causes.
  • A list of helpful suggestions from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.
  • The progressive stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hearing Loss:

Facts, Symptoms/Implications, Treatment and Suggestions for Caregivers

Often unattended to, a hearing loss can dramatically impact the life of a senior receiving care. Learn:

  • The signs, symptoms and implications of hearing loss.
  • The importance of a proper diagnosis.
  • Facts about hearing loss including demystifying the hearing aid.
  • Caregiving to manage someone with a hearing loss.
  • Communication tips for someone who has a hearing loss and to facilitate communication with someone who has a hearing loss.

Age-Related Sleep Problems:

Definitions, Reasons, Dangers, Treatments and Help for the Caregiver

Whether you are a caregiver suffering from lack of sleep or trying to understand sleep problems in the aging, this presentation contains information you can use:

  • Information on Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome, snoring, Restless Legs Syndrome, Sundowning and more.
  • Sleep deprivation’s effect on mental health.
  • Sleep deprivation’s effect on physical health.
  • Helpful tips for a good night’s rest.
  • Respite care as a solution.

Home Safe Home:

Making the Home Safe and Better Equipped for Aging in Place

As people age in the comfort of home, modifications to the home are sometimes needed to maintain safety and comfort. This presentation covers:

  • Basic changes to make a home safe for aging in place.
  • More extensive home changes to consider.
  • Information on wheelchair safety and access.
  • How a home care agency can help.

Diabetes and Home Care:

A Good Fit for the Diabetic

Taking care of diabetes is an everyday task that requires consistent management and preventative steps. In this presentation attendees will learn:

  • Details on the different types of diabetes.
  • Warning signs/symptoms of diabetes.
  • Possible health complications related to the disease if left untreated or poorly managed.
  • Tips to manage the disease.

Exercise and Good Health:

No Matter the Age

Exercise and good health are essential at every age. This presentation explains:

  • The benefits of physical activity and exercise in older adults.
  • Common barriers to exercise in older adults.
  • Recommendations for exercise.
  • Benefits and examples of strength exercises, walking, balance exercises, stretching and endurance exercises.

Stress-Free Holidays:

The Importance of Caring for the Caregiver

Avoiding a stressful holiday is essential for a primary caregiver. This presentation includes:

  • Tips for eliminating stress from the holiday season.
  • Understanding caregiver burnout and how to identify and prevent it.
  • An introduction to respite care.
  • The value of respite care during the holiday seasons.


Education Fosters Independence

This informative presentation educates about the most common type of arthritis, providing valuable information on:

  • Symptoms and when to see the doctor.
  • Importance of weight management and exercise.
  • Pain management techniques.
  • Assistive devices available.
  • Care after surgery.

Primer on Home Care:

Who, What, When, Where and How

Matching someone’s needs with appropriate care requires knowledge of the options. Learn:

  • How to determine if someone is a good candidate for home care.
  • Who pays for home care services.
  • The differences between models of home care.
  • Key issues to consider before selecting a home care provider.

Nutrition and Healthy Aging:

Benefits Are More than Skin Deep

Malnutrition in the elderly is more common than one might think. This presentation details:

  • The benefits of good nutrition for an aging person.
  • Healthy eating guidelines for older adults, who have different nutritional needs.
  • Ways to assist with common frail elderly food and eating issues.

Caring for the Heart:

Understanding, Preventing, Surviving and Living with Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are our nation’s #1 killer. Learn:

  • The details about heart attacks and different types of strokes.
  • Information on the risk factors and how to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  • The warning signs of a heart attack or stroke.

Sandwiched: Caring for Parents While Caring for Children:

Sandwich Generation Gets Stuck in the Middle

Caring for parents and sometimes grandparents and grandchildren can leave one feeling spread thin. This presentation offers:

  • Helpful information on how to deal with the stresses of caring for multiple generations at the same time.
  • How to make preparations to care for ailing parents.
  • How to understand the choices in home care.

Enhancing Independence for the Visually Impaired:

Understanding Available Options for Assistance

An important presentation for those coping with vision loss or their families, this presentation covers:

  • The common causes of vision loss among older adults.
  • Tips to help cope with vision loss.
  • Simple home adaptations for those experiencing vision loss.
  • Techniques for shopping, eating, and financial management.

Warning Signs:

Knowing When Help at Home Is Needed

Understanding the signs to look for that may indicate a care need is important. Learn:

  • Basic warning signs that help is needed for an elderly person.
  • Tips to take action.
  • The differences between Alzheimer’s signs and typical age-related changes.
  • Sensitive solutions to help when someone is hoarding.
  • Recognizing when a senior’s finances may be off track

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