If you have MS, you know that the fatigue associated with MS is not like an ordinary feeling of tiredness. Rather it feels like the fatigue one would associate with the flu. This sort of fatigue can really wear a person down over time, but there are methods to help relieve this most common MS symptom.

Try meditation: It is amazing how the power of the mind can influence a person’s body. Try tai chi or yoga. At the very least, you will get some exercise, which is also beneficial.

Nutrition: A good overall rule of thumb is to eat plenty of whole foods such as fruits and veggies, avoid too many simple carbohydrates and drink plenty of liquids. Don’t forget about breakfast for an energy boost in the morning and try eating more iron rich foods such as fish and eggs, as low iron levels can lead to fatigue.

Manage depression: Depression makes fatigue worse. As with any depression, treatment should be a first line of defense.

Exercise: Maintaining a regular exercise program will provide optimal energy, but be careful not to overdo it. Know your limits and rest between activities.

Prioritize: Devise a daily plan on what needs to be done and organize tasks into manageable chunks, delegating strenuous tasks whenever possible.

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With various adjustments made along the way, there is possible relief from MS fatigue. A professional in-home caregiver experienced in MS care such as at Live Free Home Health Care in Concord can also help with interventions to fight MS fatigue. Besides Concord, New Hampshire, Live Free Home Health Care also services the rest of the Lakes region and central New Hampshire. Call us today at 603-217-0149.