Due to the changeability and oftentimes unpredictability of multiple sclerosis symptoms, the type and degree of help needed varies from person to person and may even vary from time to time for the same individual. Because of this, a person with MS may be hesitant to accept assistance with daily activities. However, an experienced caregiver can help someone live with MS much more comfortably. Professional caregivers are also trained to be sensitive to the changing needs of a person with MS and understand when to step in to assist and when give tasks back, allowing for maximum independence.

As with any ailment that requires caregiving, sometimes family members can become burnt out or simply not know how to help. Turning to a professional caregiver for some respite help can be extremely valuable to provide families with a break and some education. Here are a few of the other ways a home care agency can help.

  • Grooming, toileting and safe transfers
  • Scheduling
  • Socialization
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errand services
  • Laundry and linen washing
  • Groceries and incidental shopping

A person with MS should never feel bad when asking for help. It is important to spend energy on what matters and bring in reinforcements for the other tasks. Consider a few hours a day of practical assistance from a professional caregiver who is trained in caring for the transitions of MS. We think you’ll quickly recognize a difference for the better. Contact Live Free Home Health Care, a trusted provider of home care in Tilton and surrounding areas, for more information on how our in-home caregivers can make a person with MS feel enabled, motivated and connected to others.