Nourishing the mind, body and spirit is essential to managing any disease, but really plays a big role for someone with multiple sclerosis. Fatigue, poor diet and unmanaged stress can exacerbate symptoms as well as make one more vulnerable to illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia.

Consider enlisting the assistance of a professional in-home caregiver to make living a healthy lifestyle seem effortless. Here are some ways a professional caregiver can help a person with MS:

MIND – Professional caregivers can help set up a daily routine that limits activities and fits in regular rest periods to prevent fatigue and symptom exacerbations. They can also provide tips and techniques for easier bathing and dressing, assisting as needed.

BODY – Symptoms of MS may come and go, sometimes presenting certain physical limitations. An in-home caregiver can:

  • Assist with body mechanics for good posture, alignment and improved gait
  • Encourage daily exercise and assist with physical therapy
  • Provide tasty, nourishing meals and assistance with eating if needed

SPIRIT – Keeping spirits high will go a long way in managing MS and making life more enjoyable. Professional caregivers are not only physical helpers but know tips/tricks to help lift spirits, such as:

  • Encouraging independence by being sensitive to knowing when to take and then give back responsibility for tasks as symptoms come and go
  • Providing emotional support
  • Providing recommendations for devices designed to make daily activities more comfortable, such as built-up utensils, reaching devices, and sliding boards

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An experienced caregiving team such as at Live Free Home Health Care will identify a person’s specific challenges living with MS and help to provide solutions. For more information about how we can help, please contact Live Free Home Health Care at 603-217-0149.