A hearing aid is not an everyday, run down to the store and pick out kind of purchase. Today’s hearing aids are highly advanced technologically and have the price tag to prove it! If you are in the market for a hearing aid, ask yourself and the retailer the following questions:

  • What features will be most useful to me? Hearing aids have different functionalities and some are worn differently – over the ear, in the ear, etc. Determine what features make the most sense for you and what you can do without.
  • What is the total cost of the hearing aid? Hearing aids are an investment, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Make sure you can afford the hearing aid you want or have a payment plan in place.
  • What kind of warranties come with the hearing aid? Does the warranty cover future maintenance and repair?
  • Does the retailer or manufacturer provide loaner aids if the hearing aid needs to be repaired?
  • What kind of assistive devices can be used with this hearing aid?

Keep in mind that a hearing aid takes some getting used to. Most states have a law requiring a trial period before purchasing a hearing aid, so make sure to take advantage of that time. Contact us at 603-217-0149 to learn how we can help with a professional caregiver in Concord and the surrounding areas.