Today’s hearing aids can usually compensate for the majority of hearing loss in individuals with decreased hearing. However, some hearing aid users continue to have difficulty understanding speech in noisy areas or may not be able to hear things like smoke alarms when they have their hearing aid out at night. For these instances, there are a number of hearing loss support devices to ensure that people with decreased hearing don’t miss a thing.

Alerting Devices

Alerting devices are available for everything from smoke detectors to doorbells. For example, a doorbell alerting device would flash a light when someone rings the door bell or knocks. Alarm clock alerting devices come in versions that have adjustable volumes and pitches, flash lights, or vibrate to help wake the person up.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are tools that help a person with diminished hearing hear things like the TV or speech over the telephone better. Voice carryovers (or VCOs) help those who cannot hear speech over the telephone. VCOs allow you to speak directly to the other party while an operator translates what the other party says to you in print displayed on a small LCD screen.

Those who have trouble hearing the television can consider headphones or wireless transmitters to help hear even when sitting across the room.

Where to Purchase Support Devices

Below are a few online stores that sell hearing loss support devices:

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