People with dementia have more difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions, as well as more trouble understanding others. And family and friends of Alzheimer’s patients are often unsure how to communicate clearly with their loved ones. Should you correct repetitive speech or stories? Are there other ways to communicate when words are out of reach?

Here are tips to help with communication and understanding:

  • Talk slowly and clearly
  • Tell the person who you are, even if you are the spouse or child
  • Ask one question at a time
  • Be careful not to interrupt
  • Use short, simple words and sentences
  • Avoid quizzing or asking “Do you remember when…?”
  • Avoid criticizing, correcting and arguing

When words are not the way to communicate, remember:

  • Sometimes the emotions being expressed are more important than what is being said
  • If the person uses the wrong word or cannot find a word, try guessing the right one
  • If you don’t understand what is being said, ask the person to point or gesture

For further tips on communicating with someone with Alzheimer’s disease, click here.

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