At Live Free Home Health Care, we want to share additional ideas for outdoor monitoring that may offer peace of mind and safety for those deciding to age in place—in the comfort of their own homes. Family caregivers, with their finger on the pulse of their loved one’s needs, can apply the following simple home modifications and establish appropriate relationships with community officials to ensure wellbeing.

  • Motion-sensitive lighting. Install lights that automatically turn on when there’s any movement near them. These are a deterrent for intruders, plus if one forgets to turn on the lights before he/she leaves during the day, the lights will be on when he/she returns home.
  • Lights on timers. Install timers for outside lights and a light in the bathroom so they’ll turn on and stay on throughout the night. Timers are inexpensive and easily installed by plugging them into electrical outlets.
  • Keys and the neighbors. If a senior lives in a neighborhood, the neighbors may be friends. If not, identify someone trustworthy to have an extra set of keys to the house. Exchange phone numbers so if there is a concern—the phone is not being answered or the mail is piling up—that identified person can check out the situation.
  • Getting into the house. The path to and from the house should be clear of obstacles. If there is a garage but no automatic garage-door opener, have one installed. Wherever the car is parked should be well lit, which can also be controlled by remote control as the driveway is entered.
  • Friendly local police. Find out from the local police if there is a neighborhood watch group in the area and let that group know the living arrangements and that some monitoring is needed.
  • Friendly postal carriers and utility meter readers. Most mail carriers work the same route every day and get to know a neighborhood quite well. The U.S. Postal Service has a program to alert the Area Agency on Aging if the carrier believes there is a problem. Utility companies do the same.

Live Free Home Health Care of Concord, New Hampshire is here to offer further guidance and options that can give you the choice to age in place. If you’re looking for a partner in home care in the Lakes Region or Central New Hampshire, contact Live Free Home Health Care today at 603-217-0149, and let us help make your life a little easier.