Discover Why Live Free Home Health Care is the Best

A question I am asked quite frequently by prospective new clients is what sets Live Free Home Health Care apart from other agencies they are interviewing. What sets us apart is quite simply the fact that we are a true full service agency. What I mean by that is often times when a family first contacts us they are simply looking for a little bit of help for mom or dad with some basic things like light housekeeping, healthy meal preparation, or companionship. We can certainly do all that. But as a Registered Nurse with almost 15 years of experience working with the elderly, I understand that needs will change over time as your loved one continues to age. At some point they quite likely will need more hands on care in order to maintain their safety and independence at home. That is the peace of mind we are able to provide you, we are able to start off with basic care needs and also able to continue to provide care as time progresses. Most private duty home care agencies simply cannot offer the level of care and support that we can because they do not have nurses or nursing assistants on staff and they are not trained to recognize subtle changes that may occur.

It all starts with that first meeting. To ensure that the proper care plan is created, one of our Registered Nurses, usually myself, meet with all new families. Together we create a safe plan of care that is customized to fit the level of care needed at that particular time. If the care is currently basic like companionship or healthy meal preparation we can provide you with a companion caregiver and because we have professional nurses on staff and licensed nursing assistants we know how important diets are for people with diabetes and other health conditions. Agencies who only employ non-licensed staff simply cannot offer this level of expertise. If more hands on care is needed, help with transfers from bed to chair, assistance with personal grooming, medication reminders, wound care, things of this nature, then we can provide a licensed nursing assistant who has gone through an extensive course and passed a state licensing exam. In our experience we can actually provide this level of care at a lower cost than other agencies provide non licensed caregivers.

Once the care needs are established I work with our Care Manager Tammy and our scheduler Michelle, who herself is a licensed nursing assistant, to choose the right team to provide care. It doesn’t end there however. Often times what I hear from families who have come to our agency after being with other agencies or I hear from caregivers who have worked at other agencies is that they are amazed at the amount of ongoing training and supervision that we provide for each and every case. Our lead licensed nursing assistant, Stacy, ensures that our staff of caregivers is continually trained and that they are comfortable with all aspects of their job. I am not shy about saying that I know from experience that we invest more in ongoing training than any other agency. That is my nurse background in me. I take very seriously the trust that families place in us and I feel I owe it to them to ensure that I only place the care of their loved ones in the hands of very well trained caregivers.

This is the value Live Free Home Health Care brings that most competitors cannot. Because our caregivers are either licensed nursing assistants or care providers trained by one of our nurses, we can spot potential health problems and intervene before it worsens or causes a hospitalization.

Inviting an agency into your home or a loved one’s home for personal care or home medical needs is a big step. Wouldn’t it be more comforting to know that the agency you choose has professionally trained nurses overseeing the care that is provided? To learn more about our home health care in Concord, NH and the surrounding areas, click here.