There are many innovative and useful specialty products for people who have low vision. These products can be sophisticated or surprisingly simple, and are designed to make it easier to access printed material, use computers, travel and perform activities of daily living. Here are a few examples of innovative products to enhance the independence of the visually impaired:

Talking Color Identifier with Light Probe

This small device detects about 100 colors, which can be very helpful when dressing independently. It speaks clearly at three volumes and has an earphone jack.

Hi-Mark™ Tactile Pen

This pen produces a three-dimensional plastic liquid that makes raised lines, dots and shapes to identify clothing, canned goods, frozen foods, and mark the settings on appliances.

VOXCOM III Voice Labeling System

Record messages by pressing a button and inserting a card into the unit. You can then attach the card to canned goods, medication, clothing, food, and household items in order to identify them.

i.d. mate OMNI

This device is a talking bar code scanner that also has the ability to record personal voice messages. It provides assistance when identifying products at home or the store.

Eye-Pal SOLO

This is an appliance that reads for you or can be plugged into a computer monitor to enlarge the text for reading. Just place a book under the reading eye and it begins reading aloud. You can then wave a hand in front of the eye to pause the reading.

For more assistive products for the visually impaired and to find out where to purchase the products mentioned, click here.


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