By Emma Borges, former office Co-Ordinator at LFHHC and current educator at Waterville Valley Academy

As an educator at Waterville Valley Academy in beautiful Waterville Valley, New Hampshire at the heart of the White Mountain National Forest, I work with a group of pretty amazing student athletes. WVA offers a five-month snowsport and academic program for 6th-12th grade students who are pursuing the highest level of performance in alpine racing, freestyle skiing and competitive snowboarding, while still achieving academic excellence. It is truly awe-inspiring to bear witness to what my students do each and every day. With the exception of Mondays, each school day is comprised of four hours of classes, a brief lunch break, four hours of vigorous ski or snowboard training instructed by our world-class coaches at Waterville Valley Resort, followed by dinner and two hours of required study hall for our on-campus dormitory residents. Lights are out by 10 pm sharp to rest for another day to do it all over again.

These students are incredibly focused on their academics and snowsports; they have to be in order to achieve their dreams of one day making it to the Olympics or attending their first choice college (the most popular being Dartmouth College for both its prestigious ski program and education.) They fully understand and value what knowledge and exercise can attain for them, and they rely heavily on their bodies and minds to excel. This focus and dedication ensures the bright, successful futures of WVA students, who will one day become the men and women running this country. It is without doubt when I affirm that my colleagues and I will be will be well taken care of when we reach our elder years…

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