Guest Blogger Emma Borges, former office co-ordinator at LFHHC and current educator at Waterville Academy

While our youth prepares for their futures, I cannot help but reflect on the aging lives of my grandparents, as well as the many seniors residing at home in New Hampshire. My grandparents immigrated to this country in the 1970’s from the Azores, a group of islands off the western coast of Portugal. My father and his four brothers and sisters came to America with the same hopes and dreams of any immigrating family – to prosper and find happiness. My grandparents understood what working hard meant, and that maintaining a healthy lifestyle was crucial to keeping pace with the younger generation competing for success. To this day, my 80 year-old grandfather rides his bicycle up and down the Charles River in Massachusetts, and my 79 year-old grandmother takes walks daily to the Galleria along the green MBTA line. With the exception of prescription eye glasses and the inevitability of growing older, neither of my grandparents suffers from any serious ailments. I am so thankful for their careful consideration of their health and well-being, but also realize that many older adults are not as fortunate.

The option to age at home is one that should not be overlooked. Caregivers at Live Free Home Health Care also understand the value of living healthy, active lifestyles and can help your aging loved ones live more independent, social, happy lives. Our caregivers are also trained in Alzheimer’s, dementia, and hospice care for the varying stages of older life. Consider what home health care can achieve for your loved ones, and rest assured, the youth of tomorrow are diligently preparing today for our elder years.