​From the beginning of civilization, elders have aged-in-place within their own homes, from cottages to castles, palaces and huts. Home care represents the most validated and highly regarded method of health care in the United States. Advances in modern technology have only elevated home care’s limitless potential – virtually anything that is available at a hospital or through a physician can be done at home, reducing cost and improving the quality of life for older adults.

Unlike other forms of healthcare, older adults heal faster at home. Home care helps extend life by eliminating stresses associated with aging, and enriches the quality of our loved one’s later years by encouraging independence and self-directed care. Those receiving home care tend to report high rates of satisfaction with both the services they receive and life overall; it’s no surprise that home care postpones institutionalization and prevents pre-mature decline in the elderly. Learn more about the many benefits of home care.

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