There is hope for those with cognitive impairments: whereas in the past, a diagnosis of progressive dementia may have been a cause for little treatment, new evidence suggests a more proactive approach to cognitive impairment and dementia. This proactive approach includes promoting not only healthy eating and dietary supplementation, but exercise and cardiovascular treatment (when necessary).

The new studies suggest that young, old and impaired human brains may be able to respond to the demands of activity, experience and environmental factors by creating new functional synapses, neurons and networks. Since dementia is in part an inability for the synapses to connect properly, this is exciting news!

And the news is all the more exciting in relation to the coming together of evidence regarding the contributing factors of vascular risk, genes, diet, physical activity, cognitive activity, psychological functioning and social functioning to the causes of acquired cognitive impairment and dementia.

This means that changing diet, adding exercise and being with people actually can contribute to better mental functioning!

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