“I don’t want a stranger coming into my house and going through my things!” “I’ve been doing my own cooking and cleaning since before you were born. I can manage just fine.” “I’m a great driver. I’ve never been in an accident.” “Why can’t you help me with these things?” Are these the sorts of comments you encounter when bringing up the subject of in-home care with your aging parent? You aren’t alone.

It is common for people needing assistance with home care to feel uncomfortable or even reject the idea of accepting the help of an in-home caregiver. Admitting a care need can make a senior feel vulnerable and afraid of losing independence. But there are ways to help. Experienced senior care agencies such as Live Free Home Health Care know how best to handle these situations and can not only help with finding a perfectly matched caregiver but can offer helpful advice to overcome objections to a home helper as well.

Contact Live Free Home Home Health Care today to find out how we can help gently introduce a perfectly matched caregiver into the home. We service Concord New Hampshire, the rest of the Lakes region and central New Hampshire. Below are some further tips to help ease the transition:

Introduce the caregiver to the senior before care begins, so the caregiver is not a stranger.

Find a caregiver with a personality and temperament that complements the senior’s personality.

Frame the situation so it’s about you rather than the senior. An example would be saying, “I know you are very independent and don’t feel you need extra care at home, but I worry a lot about you and this would help me not to worry so much when I’m not able to be here.”

Start small, and ask the senior to “give it a try.” Present the idea as a trial. Have someone come in for one day a week for a few hours, just to vacuum, take out the trash or wash clothes, and then build up to more care if needed.

Sympathize and understand the fear and vulnerability associated with the transition. Have serious, compassionate talks with him or her, and realize the first time may not work. It could take a few months before the senior feels more comfortable with the situation.

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