Caregiver burn-out can sneak up on you. It may feel like you have everything precariously balanced like spinning plates on sticks but then your body starts to give you signs that it is wearing out. Perhaps your short-term memory is lapsing due to lack of sleep, or your back is constantly sore and you suffer daily stress-related headaches. By reducing or sharing responsibilities and keeping a healthy balance for yourself, it is possible to wipe out burn-out and be in a better position to care for your loved one. Here are a few tips to keep everything in balance:

Spend time with friends, even if it’s just over the phone.

Let your loved one know what you are capable of giving in terms of time and assistance in order to set some personal limits.

Find a time each day, even just ten minutes, to relax and not provide care. This should be protected time to read, listen to music, exercise, etc.

Take walks or get other exercise, eat nutritiously and get enough sleep, even if that means naps during the day.

Never be afraid to ask for assistance. Make a list of jobs that could be delegated to outside help. This could include household chores, home repair or maintenance, driving, paying bills or finding information on needed services. Live Free Home Health Care can assist with service recommendations and coordination.

Install assistive devices such as bathroom and bedroom grab bars, easy-grip utensils and extra lighting to reduce the assistance needs.

Join an online or in-person caregiver support group to be able to share with others in similar circumstances. (Patients Like Me Parkinson’s Disease Community, Stroke Awareness for Everyone, Alzheimer’s Association).

Explore community resources such as adult day-care centers and Live Free Home Health Care in-home respite care. This will provide free time for errands and personal time, as well as providing health monitoring, transportation and recreation for your loved one.

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