senior lady and caregiver grocery shopping for produce

Are you in the process of making or helping a loved one make the decision to receive in-home care? This can be a difficult decision, but once the decision is made for your loved one to age at home, the next step is to access the level of in-home care needed. The Lawton Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale was developed to help professional caregivers assess the level of assistance needed in the home, but here are some daily activities to help you determine how much care is needed.

  1. Ability to use a telephone: This is an important function for seniors in the event of an emergency. If the senior can operate a phone, look up phone numbers, and dial a few well-known numbers, he or she may not need assistance in this area. However, if the senior can only answer the phone, but not dial, or cannot use a phone at all, this is an area where assistance is needed.
  2. Shopping: Depending on mobility, some seniors may be able to shop for themselves, while others may need accompaniment to the store or to have their shopping done by a caregiver.
  3. Food preparation: Proper nutrition is important for aging seniors, and you may find that your loved ones are not maintaining an adequate diet from the meals they prepare for themselves. If this is the case, they may need assistance with food preparation.
  4. Housekeeping: Daily household chores can be daunting for frail seniors. This is an area where many home care clients require assistance to help maintain upkeep of their homes.
  5. Medication responsibilities: A certain amount of memory loss is common with aging; so many seniors feel the need to receive medication reminders. For seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, this assistance is particularly important.

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