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As our loved ones age, many of them dread the thought of moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Leaving the comforts of home can be extremely stressful. Home provides a sense of independence and security, and they may never feel completely at ease in a facility-based setting. Is it really possible to age safely and independently at home? Surprisingly, home care can be a long-term, feasible option for many. Remaining at home not only provides the comfort of familiar surroundings and freedom from regimented schedules, but according to Genworth’s 2014 Cost of Care Survey, home care can be a much more cost-effective option as well.

To determine if your elderly loved one could benefit from the help of a professional caregiver rather than making the drastic decision to sell his or her home and make the move into a facility, start taking note of the level of functionality in these two areas:

  • Look at Activities of Daily Living Needs: Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are simply activities that people engage in on a daily basis. These activities are fundamental to caring for oneself and maintaining independence, such as bathing, getting dressed, getting in or out of bed or a chair, using the toilet, eating and getting around or walking.
  • Look at Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: These are activities related to independent living and include preparing meals, managing money (writing checks, paying bills), shopping for groceries or personal items, maintaining a residence/performing housework (e.g. laundry, cleaning), taking medications, using a telephone, handling mail and traveling via car or public transportation.

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