I wish to thank you sincerely for the care and compassion that Live Free has shown our family. All of your caregivers treated our entire family with warmth, respect, and dignity. I will be forever grateful for the extra years we got to keep my mother home and if it were not for you and your team that would have been impossible. Your “can do” and “no problem” attitude toward everything and anything we threw at you was inspirational and should be the model for all service-oriented companies. I would also like to take a minute to personally thank you, Tammy. You have been our liaison at Live Free from the beginning and I thank you for answering your phone and calling me back so many times. From our first meeting, your positive attitude has made this difficult situation somehow a little easier to deal with. I firmly believe that there are some people who were born to do certain jobs and your caring, compassionate nature makes you a perfect fit to do what you do. God bless you and thank you for everything.

– Paul

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