In October of 2006, I broke my right hand. After surgery and six weeks of recovery, the cast was removed. Within hours, I was back in the hospital with a staph infection in my right hand. They admitted me into the hospital for a week, did three surgeries, and started me on an antibiotic I.V.

After a week, I was discharged home but had to return to the hospital twice a day for my I.V. treatment, for the next six weeks. This was not an easy process. My fiancé had to drive me each time because I could not drive. So twice a day, at 9:00 am and again at 9 pm, myself, fiancé, and two daughters would have to drive 25 miles to the hospital, for a two to three hour visit, EVERYDAY. After a week, it was almost impossible to get there twice a day.

At this point, we learned of Live Free Home Health Care in New Hampton, NH, which is a Medical Home Care Agency, and Infusion Solutions in Bedford, NH, who was able to provide the medication. This changed everything from that point on. Jennifer Harvey, the Registered Nurse, made everything work ten times better for my family and me, allowing all treatment to be done at home by coming to my house to do the I.V. No more late night trips to the hospital!

Thank you to Jennifer Harvey and Live Free Home Health Care and Infusion Solutions. Thanks to their teamwork, we were able to maintain our normal lives and schedules as well as getting the proper treatment I needed to make a complete and successful recovery. I only wish someone at the hospital or my physician had given us this option sooner. Thanks for everything.

– Jacob and Family

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