Too often, daily living activities such as eating and bathing are mundane and may turn into battles. Turning these activities into events changes the perception in a positive way for a senior. Take for example the evening bathing routine. Turning it into a spa experience for the senior with all the trimmings including candles, music or aromatherapy transforms it into an enjoyable and relaxing event.

Another area perfect for incorporating spirit-centered care is around food. Food, and the act of cooking, has powerful meaning to older adults. Food defines culture, family history and traditions and is also onnected with feelings of love, pleasure, family and celebrations. Shopping together at a leisurely pace in a grocery store can turn into a treasured outing. In addition to cooking with a caregiver, seniors may enjoy walking a far-away family member through making a favorite dish over the phone – consider using speaker phone or Skype.  

There are countless ways to incorporate spirit-centered care into the home care experience. Simply take into account a person’s individual interests and incorporate them in a thoughtful way into the daily routine. The rewards of honoring and preserving the dignity of your loved one through these activities will be tremendous.

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