Successful aging in the home should go further than simply meeting basic care needs. It should allow an aging loved one to remain as joyful and active as possible so his or her life is honored and quality experiences are still attainable. Using spirit-centered care is a great way to offer that to a loved one.

Spirit-centered care begins with discovering as much about the care recipient’s preferences, dislikes, dreams, hobbies and history as possible. In the case of a home care agency, this involves a “getting to know you” interview with the care recipient and/or family members. Questions may be asked such as, “If you had 15-30 minutes, what would you like to do?” Or, “Is it meaningful for you to work in the yard or watch the sunset or polish silver and clean the house?” Here are some other specific topics that may be covered during an assessment:

  • Daily rituals
  • Beauty routines
  • Relaxation preferences
  • Typical daily schedule
  • Early life as a teenager, getting married, having kids
  • What the person liked to do growing up, as a younger adult, and now

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