Elderly woman drinking from mug

If you are what you eat (or drink), you want to make sure that you’re selecting healthy, well-balanced choices. This is especially true for seniors who have troubles with eating.

For older adults who have problems chewing, or who do not otherwise get enough calories in their diets, nutritional supplements are often seen as good sources of vitamins and minerals. Recently, however, the American Geriatrics Society put out a warning about many of the supplemental drinks such as Boost, Ensure, and others, saying they are closer to candy than to vitamins.

According to the drink’s nutritional data, an eight-ounce bottle of chocolate Boost Original contains 28 grams of sugar and no fiber, a higher sugar content than many popular children’s breakfast cereals. Doctors warn that, while these drinks are marketed as a way for older adults to stay strong and active as they age, the only place they have clear value is if the senior is malnourished.

If you know an older loved one who uses a nutritional supplement regularly, take a look at the information in this article entitled, “Geriatricians: Beware Liquid Candy” from the New York Times’ The New Old Age blog.

Find out more information on healthy eating habits for your elderly loved one.

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