New Hampshire Home Care

Those of us who call New Hampshire home can agree: winters can be gorgeous one day but terribly hazardous the next! Brutal winter storms leave incredibly beautiful scenery in their wake, urging us to step out and explore, no matter what our age. For older adults, there are a plethora of dangers – some that are pretty obvious, like slippery, ice-covered walkways, while others are less obvious, such as dietary deficiencies or even poisoning from carbon monoxide.

Live Free Home Health Care’s New Hampshire home care team wants to make sure your senior loved ones fully enjoy the winter season while staying safe. These suggestions can help:

  • Prevent falls. Although ice creates a hazard for all of us, seniors who fall face greater risks from complications such as broken bones. As a matter of fact, injuries from falling are a top cause of death in adults over age 65. To keep seniors safe when going outdoors in winter weather, be sure they’re equipped with boots with good traction, and that all walking surfaces are cleared of snow and ice and are well salted. And, be cautious when coming back indoors, since ice and snow on the shoes will melt rapidly and result in slippery floors.
  • Stay warm. Naturally, seniors will need a warm coat, gloves, hat, and scarf when going out into the cold, but even while inside the home, they can easily become chilled. Wearing clothing in layers and making sure the thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature will help.
  • Fight off the blues. Throughout the long winter months, feelings of loneliness and isolation can cause wintertime depression for seniors. It’s crucial to check in on elderly loved ones frequently, especially with in-person visits, but if the senior lives at a distance, through phone calls. Enlisting the assistance of nearby friends and neighbors to visit with the senior periodically is also a good idea; or, you can hire a professional in-home caregiver, such as the New Hampshire home care experts at Live Free Home Health Care.
  • Prepare in advance. Electrical outages during winter weather can be particularly dangerous. Be sure the older adult’s home is prepared with heavy blankets, flashlights, batteries, non-perishable foods and water. Put together an emergency plan to ensure the senior will remain safe and comfortable if there’s an extended outage.

For additional winter safety tips, contact Live Free Home Health Care’s New Hampshire home care experts. We can help improve seniors’ overall wellbeing with customized in-home care services such as personal care, meal preparation and light housework, transportation and accompaniment to doctors’ appointments or social events, and much more.

Call us at 603-217-0149 to learn more, or to schedule a free an in-home consultation and discover how we can enhance quality of life for the seniors in your life!