Planning and careful timing is necessary for any successful outing—and a day out with a frail elderly person should never be spontaneous. The first step to enjoying a safe trip out is to decide if the activity is appropriate for the elderly person. And, talk about the outing with the individual and make sure they sound up for the adventure.


  • the amount of walking involved, and if there is parking nearby
  • if the destination is flat or has hills or stairs to climb
  • if there is wheelchair access (if appropriate)
  • whether there is cover and shade
  • whether there are toilet facilities
  • whether there are chairs or benches available in case the elderly person needs a rest

Holiday Outing Ideas

Take a leisurely family drive to look at the local city holiday lights. If possible, invite the senior to your house to decorate. Help your elderly loved one attend a holiday party especially for seniors at a local senior center. Sometimes there will be a special music feature and/or games. Attend local and community plays. Besides the local theater, stage house or ballet, affordable plays and performances done by elementary schools, junior highs and high schools are just as entertaining and more affordable.

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