Although it may seem difficult at first to set the wheels in motion, addressing that care is needed with aging loved ones can reduce worry and possibly prevent a serious emergency. Need suggestions to start a smooth discussion? Try these conversation openers:

  • Share your concerns. Talk to your loved ones openly and honestly. Knowing that you’re concerned about their health may give them the motivation they need to see a doctor or make other changes.
  • Create a sense of planning. Approach a loved one with a sense of planning to find a solution rather than trying to enforce your predetermined decisions. Discuss what you have observed using concrete examples and ask your loved one what he or she thinks is going on. Then ask what he or she thinks would be a good solution.
  • Address safety issues. Point out any potential safety issues around the home — then make a plan to address the problems.
  • Encourage a regular medical checkup. Offer to schedule the visit yourself or to accompany the senior to the doctor — or to find someone else to attend the visit.
  • Contact the doctor for guidance. If a loved one dismisses your concerns, you can try calling the doctor directly. You will need to sign a form verifying that you have your loved one’s permission to discuss his or her medical information with the doctor and his or her staff. Your insights may help the doctor understand what to look for during upcoming visits.
  • Use a sense of caring. Remind the senior that you want to do what’s best to promote his or her health and wellbeing, both today and in the months and years to come.

After the initial conversation, don’t expect that a decision will be reached instantly. It is important to give your loved one some time to absorb the information you share. It is equally as important to really listen to your loved one’s wishes and concerns. And, sometimes, even though you have the best intentions and only the safety of your loved one in mind, suggestions and help are not wanted. Be patient and unless the person is in danger of harming himself or herself, you cannot take any action that is unwanted.

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