By definition, home care is provided on a one-on-one basis, allowing care to be personalized to fit the individual. Live Free Home Health Care recognizes that no one person, lifestyle or situation is the same and how essential specialized care is to maintaining health. Family is an imperative source of mental and emotional support for the aging. According to a 2007 study, nearly 90% of seniors want to age-in-place. Seniors actually fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear death itself.

Home care allows your loved one to age in a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic environment with the advantage of unrestricted visiting hours for family members. Home care allows older adults maximum freedom and control as they age as well as the ability to remain engaged with their typical daily activities. This form of health care epitomizes the movement toward “patient-centered care,” which gives your loved one choices and opportunities to be more active participants in their own lives. Live Free Home care provides peace of mind knowing your loved one is aging safely and with independence while maintaining family bonds in a least restrictive environment. Learn more about warning signs that care is needed. ​