Over 20% of those hospitalized develop a complication, such as an infection. When care is provided at home, the risk of infection nears zero. If your loved one has recently been discharged from the hospital, home care permits rehabilitation in the comfort of home. Being in familiar surroundings allows older adults to receive the best support in healing both his or her body and mind, and research has proven that home care expedites the healing process. A 2008 study indicated that when compared to a hospital or nursing home, the progression of health in elders is significantly increased at home. Furthermore, recuperation at home decreases the chance of re-hospitalization.

Live Free Home Health Care wants you to know that the personalized attention provided for your loved one results in swift, immediate care without red tape and bureaucracy. We help to make the home environment safer by providing efficient fixes, such as shower grab bars and anti-slip rugs. Homecare is not always the best solution for every eldercare situation, especially if your loved one requires very intensive medical needs. However, for millions of American families, home care is an excellent choice to ensure independence and safety for older adults. Learn more about home modifications for safer aging in place for older adults.​