Memory loss does not always equal Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, most people who experience mild forgetfulness do not have Alzheimer’s. It is when memory loss begins to interfere with daily activities that it is time to talk to the doctor to determine the cause of the problem. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is a tool used to systematically and thoroughly assess a person’s mental status. The 11-question test measures the five areas of cognitive function: orientation, registration, attention and calculation, recall, and language.

Some of the questions presented on the test include:

  1. Can the person tell you what year, month, day, season, etc. it is?
  2. Can the person repeat an everyday phrase?
  3. Can the person follow a simple command such as “Close your eyes”?
  4. Can the person write a complete sentence?

The maximum a person can score is 30, with a score of 23 or lower indicating cognitive impairment. If your loved one scores 23 or below on the MMSE, contact your physician for further testing. If you would like more information about Alzheimer’s disease and screening methods, contact Live Free Home Health Care of Concord, New Hampshire in the Lakes Region or Central New Hampshire, at 603-217-0149, and let us help make your life a little easier.  Live Free Home Health Care’s caregivers are specially trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care by co-owner Jennifer Harvey, RN, a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Caregivers learn the unique approach required to gently encourage someone with Alzheimer’s, using patience, specific activities, diversion and some shared laughter.

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