Believe it or not, choosing to age in the comfort of home rather than move to a care facility is not always the best choice. You may wonder why as a home care agency owner, I would ever recommend a move away from home for care; but Live Free Home Health Care strongly believes in care solutions that best suit a person’s situation, keeping his or her best interests at heart.

Here are a few questions to consider before making a decision between care in the home and a move elsewhere:

What is the financial situation of the care recipient? Can he or she afford to pay out of pocket for care?

What are the formal and informal support systems of the care recipient? Is there someone who can assist with the instrumental activities of daily living to make running a household possible?

What is the level of care needed now? What is the prognosis for future care needs?

What is the mental status of the care recipient? NOTE: It is far easier to care for an alert and mentally sharp but physically frail person at home than it is to care for a cognitively impaired but physically active person.

Can the frail person get up and down out of a chair or bed? NOTE: Needing assistance in toileting means that care is needed constantly and will be charged hourly, 24/7. However, if the person is able to get out of a chair or bed, then the care needed is sporadic and home care should be considered first.

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Live Free Home Health Care provides care wherever one calls home, whether that is in a private residence, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Call us today at 603-217-0149 for further guidance on making the best care decision for your situation. We service Concord New Hampshire, the rest of the Lakes region and central New Hampshire.