Successful activities for those with Alzheimer’s disease support a person’s sense of self—bringing out his/her skills, memories and habits—while minimizing skills that may be compromised due to the disease. Following are a few structured activity ideas that can involve and interest the person with Alzheimer’s, helping to reduce disturbing behaviors associated with the disease such as agitation, anger, frustration, depression, wandering or rummaging.


  • Take a walk
  • Try chair exercises
  • Dance (even if it’s sitting down)


  • Listen to the person’s favorite music
  • Look at picture books without words, especially of nature
  • Gentle hand or foot massage or nail polishing


  • Hold a tea party with friends or relatives
  • Reminisce by looking at scrapbooks or old photos
  • Play cards or board games such as checkers
  • Plant and tend an indoor garden

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