If you are concerned about significant memory loss for yourself or a loved one, or  believe you might be at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, then a memory screening may be a sensible first step in the testing process. If you or your loved one can answer “yes” to the following questions, a memory screening may be helpful.

  • Am I becoming more forgetful?
  • Do I have trouble concentrating?
  • Do I have difficulty performing familiar tasks?
  • Do I have trouble recalling words or names in conversation?
  • Do I sometimes forget where I am?
  • Have family or friends told me that I am repeating questions or saying the same thing over and over again?
  • Am I misplacing things more often?
  • Have I become lost when walking or driving in a familiar neighborhood?
  • Have my family or friends noticed changes in my mood, behavior, personality, or desire to do things?

Please bear in mind that a memory screening is not used to diagnose any particular illness and does not replace consultation with a qualified physician or other healthcare professional. Sometimes a memory screening is beneficial to establish a baseline.
Live Free Home Health Care’s caregivers are specially trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care by co-owner Jennifer Harvey, RN, a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Caregivers learn the unique approach required to gently encourage someone with Alzheimer’s, using patience, specific activities, diversion and some shared laughter. For more information about memory screenings or about Live Free Home Health Care’s Alzheimer’s care services, contact us in the Lakes Region or Central New Hampshire, at 603-217-0149.

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