Traveling with Alzheimer's

Most of us look forward to making travel and vacation plans with family, but what happens when a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease? Does that person have to miss out on family adventures?

Not necessarily, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, although traveling with a loved one with Alzheimer’s does require some additional planning and creativity.

For those who are unsure if their loved one can handle long travel, taking a “staycation” in a local hotel and eating out may be a good test. If you do plan a longer trip, arrange for special accommodations such as wheelchairs in the airport and early boarding for your flight. And don’t forget to allow time to rest while on your trip. Plan your activities around your loved one’s “best time of day” and allow him or her to rest often, as fatigue can amplify confusion and anxiety.

The following tips are offered when preparing to travel with a loved one with dementia:

  • Put together an itinerary with details about your trip, and share it with emergency contacts.
  • Keep a bag of essentials handy at all times that includes your travel itinerary, medications, clothing, water, snacks and activities.
  • Advise the staff at your hotel in advance of any specific needs.

This article from the Huffington Post outlines more helpful tips for traveling with Alzheimer’s.

At Live Free Home Health Care, we understand the unique approach required when caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease. Our caregivers receive extensive training on managing challenging behaviors such as aggression, frustration, wandering, depression, sundowning, and more. For more tips on traveling with someone with Alzheimer’s, or for respite care for your loved one who may be unable to travel, call us at 603-217-0149.

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