dementia care

Taking on the care of a loved one with dementia can pose many challenges. The stress it can put on a caregiver and his or her family can become overwhelming. Live Free Home Health Care understands these challenges and is here to provide the support and care you and your loved one deserve and need.

One of our guiding standards is the Best Friends™ Dementia Bill of Rights, which includes such positive caregiving principles as providing meaningful engagement for the person, getting outdoors whenever possible, offering gentle physical contact when welcomed (such as handholding), and being fully trained in dementia care.

Here are five tips to help you in your journey in caring for someone who struggles with the issues of dementia:

  1. Continue to include the person in conversations, even if he or she seems unable to participate or fully understand what’s being discussed.
  2. Always use the person’s name in addressing him or her rather than terms of endearment like “honey” or “sweetie” to maintain a sense of identity and respect.
  3. If the person requires assistance with toileting, bathing, and dressing, take steps to maintain as much privacy as possible to maintain his or her dignity.
  4. Use appropriate adult terms for what could conceivably be described in childlike terms – such as “pureed fruit” instead of “baby food” and “incontinence products” over “diapers.”
  5. Allow the person to have control over everyday choices and decisions that do not compromise safety – such as selecting what to wear and what to eat.

Contact us to learn more about our compassionate New Hampshire caregivers that have specialized training in dementia care. We can help your loved one maintain independence and safety at home!