I recently read about a nationwide telephone survey by Gaeta that I thought showed some stunning results: nearly one in five (19%) persons surveyed had chronic pain like that caused by arthritis. Yet nearly half said they didn’t know what caused their pain. Contrary to popular belief, joint pain is not inevitable with age, and it is not necessary to suffer in silence. Creaking knees, hips, and ankles aren’t necessarily normal aches and pains that come with age. The pain might signify arthritis, which CAN be treated. If you are experiencing:

• Pain or stiffness in joints after periods of inactivity or excessive use

• A grating or “catching” sensation during joint movement

• Bony growths at the margins of affected joints

…an appointment should be scheduled with your physician to discuss the symptoms. A physician evaluation is important to properly diagnose the cause of joint pain, and is the first step towards pain and symptom management. A home care agency can also assist with care for someone with arthritis, and ensure a caring person is there when a helping hand is needed. Click here to learn more about care for arthritis.