Feelings of sadness and isolation aren’t uncommon in older adults, particularly for those who live alone. Depression, however, can be quite serious for older seniors, and lead to poor overall health.

The American Academy of Family Physicians also notes that there are four syndromes that appear to be synonymous with failure to thrive in older adults:

  • Impaired physical function
  • Malnutrition
  • Depression
  • Cognitive impairment

Helping seniors avoid or recover from depression is a step in the right direction for helping overcome failure to thrive. In-home care from a qualified home care agency, like Live Free Home Health Care, can help keep seniors active and mentally engaged in the following ways:

  • Socialization: Feelings of isolation and loneliness can lead to depression, particularly in older adults who cannot drive. Caregivers can either provide transportation or accompany the senior so that older adults can visit with friends and family and go to church, plays, or other outings. They can also be great companions themselves: playing a game of cards, building a puzzle together or even just sitting and chatting for awhile.
  • Creative encouragement: Too often, older adults lose interest in hobbies and creative endeavors they once enjoyed. Caregivers can help encourage them to participate in activities they enjoy, such as gardening or fishing, or even help them try new things, such as watercolor painting, clay sculpting, or waltzing. These activities keep older adults mentally, socially, and physically engaged and stimulated.

In-home care can help seniors stay both mentally and physically engaged as they age. Contact Live Free Home Health Care, the Holderness home care experts, at 603-217-0149 to learn more about how our services can help prevent geriatric failure to thrive or to schedule a free assessment. To find out if our home care services are offered in your community, please visit this page of our website.