What is spirit-centered care? Beyond basic care, it treats each person as an individual by centering around his or her life story. The sole focus is enhancing the person’s life in personal ways. For example, matching an in-home caregiver from a similar lifestyle perspective provides instant conversation topics and a sense of comfort. The effects?

  • Achieve positive emotional states
  • Boost self-confidence and sense of independence
  • Renew sense of purpose and meaning to life
  • Acute recovery of long lost memories (even if temporary)
  • Create a sense of well-being for people who suffer from chronic illness
  • Regain physical abilities
  • Allevitate boredom and lack of motivation

There are countless ways to incorporate spirit-centered care into the home care experience. Simply take into account a person’s individual interests and incorporate them in a thoughtful way into the daily routine. The rewards of honoring and preserving the dignity of your loved one through these activities will be tremendous.

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