It used to be that when the term “home health care” was brought up, visions of doctors with little black bags ringing your doorbell would spring to mind. But of course home health care nowadays encompasses a wide array of services and benefits to individuals.

Did you know that seniors who go to nursing homes or other assisted type facilities are usually not in need of complex medical care but rather are having difficulty taking care of their personal needs…what the industry calls “Activities of Daily Living”? This is the foundation of modern home care….assisting individuals with their activities of daily living. This includes helping people with bathing, dressing, meals, transportation, housekeeping, etc. But that’s not all home care is good for. Check out a few of these other benefits of in-home care and find out what all the fuss is about:

– Home care services are delivered one-on-one, assuring more private attention than in a nursing home or a facility. There is no “waiting for one’s turn” when care is needed. And home care is personalized to the needs of the family and the individual on any given day, whether that need is as simple as company and conversation or more complex, as in needs with personal care.

– A home caregiver can be effective in promoting and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Home caregivers produce healthy and nutritional meals that appeal to the individual and can also keep a close eye on the amount of food eaten.

– In addition, a personalized daily exercise program can be implemented and followed through, with the added safety of a qualified professional being present.

– In-home care fosters dignity and independence, important ingredients for a happy lifestyle. Home care (in particular, private pay home care) can offer personalized care tailored to the needs of the family and individual on any given day, whether the needs are as simple as companionship or more complex, such as personal care.

– With the additional benefit of accompaniment on transportation to and from various appointments, social activities or errands, home care allows families more free time together.

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