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When looking back over the years spent with your sisters and brothers, you can probably recollect a plethora of wonderful memories: holidays spent with each other, childhood games you enjoyed, key events like graduations, birthdays, and weddings. However, if we’re honest, there are also many hurts that occurred that are inclined to stay with us even into adulthood. It’s these troublesome family dynamics that can restrict our ability to furnish the best senior care for our aging parents, as stress can cause those sibling squabbles to resurface and result in renewed tension.

Live Free Home Health Care, providers of the highest quality home health care Concord, NH families trust, along with a full range of in-home senior care services, has the tips below to set aside sibling rivalry issues and allow you to focus on the requirements of your senior loved ones.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. It’s normal to feel slighted when one sibling makes senior care decisions without consulting everyone else, preventing the others from contributing any feedback. Good communication should begin well before a care need arises, if possible. Establish a time to get together with all of your siblings as a family and develop a plan that describes each person’s responsibilities when parental care is needed, and how decisions will be made and communicated.

Be fair. Take into consideration that each of you will be able to help out in different ways. While one sister or brother may live close to your aging parents, another may have moved across the country, and it isn’t reasonable to expect them to provide the same kind and degree of care. Nevertheless, there are strategies to make sure that care is as evenly divided as possible; for example, the long-distance sibling could provide more financial support, help with paperwork, and online bill paying, while those who live closer help with transportation, grocery shopping and other errands, housework and personal care assistance, etc.

Engage help. Even when you and your sisters and brothers get along well, communicate properly and have a working plan in place to cover senior care needs, stress levels are raised for all concerned when trying to sustain a healthy life balance between caring for aging parents and tending to the needs of yourself, your career, children, and home. The perfect solution is to partner with a professional in-home care agency, like Live Free Home Health Care, to provide dependable, highly skilled care that allows family members to take much needed breaks.

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