Repetition, while tedious for most of us, can be soothing to those with cognitive impairments and can often invoke feelings of accomplishment and pride. Around the holidays, find some repetitive seasonal activities that seniors with Alzheimer’s can enjoy. Here are a few activities for inspiration.

  • String garlands. With some heavy thread and a darning needle, seniors and kids alike will enjoy creating colorful holiday garlands. Try stringing popcorn, cranberries or other edibles and hang the garland outside to attract birds, allowing for fun bird-watching for you and the senior.
  • Create paper chains. Cut strips of paper, curl them around one another and glue or staple them together. Older grandchildren can help supervise this activity, while the senior helps in any way she can. Use the paper chain to decorate the tree, mantle or banister when finished.
  • Make pomanders. Pomanders are oranges studded with cloves. Help seniors arrange the cloves in the orange in a decorative way to create beautiful scented holiday decorations.
  • Crack nuts. Give the senior the task of cracking nuts during a holiday gathering. Use an old-fashioned nutcracker, some walnuts, pecans or Brazil nuts and provide a place to toss the shells.

Use the holidays as a time to slow down and enjoy your elderly relatives and friends. Match their pace this season instead of buying into all the hustle and bustle, and help them enjoy the celebration as well.

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