Live Free Home Health Care LNA Honored

NEW HAMPTON – Recognizing her compassion and commitment to improving the quality of life for the individuals she cares for each day, Stacy Paquette, of Live Free Home Health Care in New Hampton was named Home Care Nursing Assistant of the Year by the Home Care Association of New Hampshire.

After more than 25 years in the nursing profession, Paquettes’ contributions, along with dozens of others were recognized in a ceremony on the State House lawn on June 7, 2012.

“Stacy’s loyalty to our agency and her clients knows no bounds” said Jennifer Harvey RN BSN, Clinical Director at Live Free Home health Care. “Stacy will do anything we ask, provide care to any client, and stay as long as she is needed. She does this all with a smile on her face, a positive attitude and never fails to radiate that to the clients. Every client has always been happy to see Stacy,” she concluded.

Paquette spoke of her surprise at being named Nursing Assistant of the Year. “I was nominated for the award in 2001 while I was working at a nursing home,” she related. “I wasn’t selected as a finalist at that time, so this is a great honor and thrill for me and my family.”

“I have seen the nursing business from both sides of the coin,” she relates. “I see all the things people leave behind when they leave their homes. Their lives change dramatically. They suddenly have to deal with a roommate in many cases, and most of the things that have been important in their lives, like their privacy, are left behind. It’s very sad.” she concluded.

According to Paquette, when a person is allowed to recuperate in their own homes, they are surrounded by all their possessions and their daily schedules remain essentially the same. “If you were used to your morning shower at 9AM, thats when you have it. In a nursing home, you are given a date and time to shower…your freedom of choice is gone.” said Paquette.

Paquette spoke of an Alzheimer’s client that she is working with currently. “I keep my client as active as possible. We go swimming, play tennis, go shopping, bike riding, whatever it takes,” she said. “The other day we even hung up new curtains. I grabbed a screw driver and up they went.” she chuckled.

 Working with a client in their home is time well spent, according to Paquette. “In any other situation, we don’t have the extra time to make them feel good. I’ll even do their hair if that is what they would like.”

“I look to Stacy as an example setter for all new staff.” said Clinical Director Harvey. “I entrusted her as our lead LNA over three years ago. Countless times, Stacy has gone with new employees to train them in home care, proper body mechanics and tips to make their day more smoothly. Her LNA knowledge and experience are invaluable to our agency. We would not be where we are today without her.” she concluded.

Paquette is already looking to the future. “When my youngest son has finished his education, I plan to continue mine and work toward my RN degree.”

Paquette resides in New Hampton with her husband and son.


Serving the Lakes Region and Central New Hampshire, Live Free Home Health Care, LLC is dedicated to providing top quality care in the comfort of home, wherever home may be. Family owned and operated, Live Free Home Health Care offers a wide range of services, from companion care and assistance with activities of daily living to skilled nursing. All care is supervised and updated by a registered nurse, who is specially trained to watch for new or changing health issues. Whether the need is for short or long term care, Live Free Home Health Care works with each client’s physician to provide a continuum of care unparalleled with other agencies, and the compassionate staff promises to treat each client respectfully and like a cherished family member. Live Free Home Health Care also offers medical alert systems to provide extra peace of mind should an emergency care need arise.

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