Senior Eyesight Issues

When it comes to eye health and aging, cataracts are a common complaint among seniors. Half of all Americans will either suffer from cataracts or have had cataract surgery by the time they reach age 80, according to the National Eye Institute. Add cataracts to the list of complaints of aging eyes, and you’ll understand why the recent approval by the Food and Drug Administration of a new implantable lens is so exciting.

The Tecnis multifocal implantable lens not only corrects the blurred vision and haloing effect common in cataracts, but also nearsightedness and farsightedness. The new lens is showing incredible results, with as much as 90% patients said they were able to function comfortably at intermediate distances without glasses . The lens also compensates for the increasing inflexibility in our eyes as they age, which compromises our eyes’ ability to switch from seeing an object far away and then close up, known as presbyopia.

For one patient, Melissa Crow, the new Tecnis lens has proven nothing short of miraculous. Prior to the procedure, she struggled with blurred vision during the day, difficulty reading, and issues with light reflections when driving at night. Dr. Kerry Assil, who recommended the Tecnis lens, performed the procedure in less than an hour, and within a few days, Crow reported marked improvement in the quality of her vision. As she describes it, “I was so excited. When I woke up that next morning, I could see 20/20 and it was amazing because I was used to getting up and just seeing a blur out of that eye. And all of a sudden I was seeing print that I hadn’t seen in ages.”

Read more and watch a brief news report on the new Tecnis multifocal implantable lens. The NIHSeniorHealth site offers additional information on cataracts and eye health.

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