respite care

Pride in the fact that New Hampshire’s very own Levi Hutchins invented the first alarm clock 229 years ago doesn’t likely prevent you from occasionally wanting to go back in time and throttle him – especially after a fitful night of sleep that comes, or, rather, doesn’t come, after a long day of caring for others. Caregivers are frequently the gravitational center of a family’s universe, caring for the many and varied needs of elderly parents, teenagers, spouses, careers, pets, and homes…the list is exhaustive. The work is exhausting. It is simply impossible to be everything to everyone, though sometimes that is exactly what is being asked of us.

As a senior caregiver, you will need help. The trick is to recognize when you need to ask for help and not waiting until you are on the verge of collapse to seek it out.

If you find yourself experiencing the following symptoms of emotional overload, it may be time to accept some much-needed respite care, rather than continuing to shoulder the burden alone:

  1. Anxiety: Feelings of concern or worry are common when providing care for an aging parent, particularly when faced with the unknown and situations that are out of our control.
  2. Guilt: “Am I doing enough? Is there more I should be doing? How can I think of myself when Mom and the kids need me?”
  3. Anger: Anger can quickly manifest from fear and anxiety, and can sometimes be misdirected onto a loved one – resulting in more feelings of guilt and anxiety…a vicious circle.
  4. Grief: As a loved one ages, a sense of loss for the person who once was can be powerful. And watching a loved one continue to decline only exacerbates the feelings.

Asking for help is not an admission of defeat or ineptitude. It is, however, an acknowledgment that you, as an individual apart from your role as a caregiver, matter. The part you are playing in this stage of life as a “sandwich generation” caregiver does not have to be – nor, should it be – a solo journey.

Partnering with Live Free Home Health Care is one of the best ways for caregivers in New Hampshire to maintain a healthy life balance. We are a home health care agency, headquartered in New Hampton, New Hampshire, that provides individualized home and elder care services aimed at keeping loved ones safe and independent in their own home. We provide care for the patient and peace of mind for those who love them.

 If you are a caregiver in the New Hampton area and need more help – or just think you might need more help – please call us at (603) 217-0149. You may also like to read what some of our clients are saying about Live Free Home Health Care.