Oftentimes, it is easier to deny the fact that our frail aging parents may need extra eldercare assistance than it is to admit their health may be declining. If you live at a distance, it becomes that much more important to have a plan in place for emergencies and eldercare.

Below are some helpful tips to assist in this endeavor.

Discuss possible eldercare scenarios with family members before eldercare is needed:

  • What if mom broke a hip? Where would she prefer rehab care? At home or elsewhere?
  • How will you know when it is time to make a change and involve care partners?
  • How will the care be paid for?

Collect useful information along the way such as:

  • A HIPAA release of information form at each of your loved one’s doctors’ offices so you can freely discuss care.
  • A list of local people for care support in an emergency, such as neighbors or friends.
  • Take your elders out while visiting to see how they function in the community and with others.

Emergency Travel

  • Ask yourself if the trip is really necessary. Are there neighbors or friends that could help just as well?
  • Set extra money aside in case of emergency travel needs.
  • Be sure to have an extra set of house keys with you as well as at a reliable neighbor’s house.

Consider using the services of a professional home health care agency such as Live Free Home Health Care. We can assess the situation, monitor and identify problems, coordinate with financial, legal and medical providers and serve as your overall eldercare liaison.

Servicing Concord, New Hampshire, the rest of the Lakes region and central New Hampshire, we also provide consulting and expertise to help people with eldercare needs make the best care choices for their situation. Call us today at 603-217-0149.