Many individuals living with multiple sclerosis depend on some level of assistance for their activities of daily living. A few hours a day of practical assistance from a professional caregiver who is trained in MS care can save energy sources from being drained. Nourishing a person’s mind, body and spirit are essential when helping a person with MS stay motivated and enabled. Here are a few of the ways a home care agency can help.

MIND – Professional caregivers can help individuals understand their MS symptoms and how to make lifestyle adjustments. For instance, they can help establish a daily routine, stressing the importance of limiting activities and taking regular rest periods to prevent fatigue and symptom exacerbations.

BODY – Physical limitations play a big part in the caring for MS. A professional caregiver will help with:

  • Maintaining proper body alignment when positioning if the MS patient is on bed rest
  • Protecting skin from friction, pressure, and excessive heat, moisture, or dryness
  • Encouraging daily exercise and assisting with physical therapy
  • Providing tasty, nourishing meals and assistance with eating if needed

SPIRIT – Keeping spirits high goes a long way in managing the disease and making life more enjoyable. Professional caregivers are not only physical helpers but know tips to help lift spirits, such as:

  • Offering comfort measures, such as gentle massage and warm (not hot) baths
  • Encouraging independence by being sensitive to knowing when to take and then give back responsibility for tasks as symptoms come and go
  • Providing emotional support
  • Providing recommendations for devices designed to make daily activities more comfortable, such as built-up utensils, reaching devices, and sliding boards

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With various adjustments made along the way, individuals with MS may look forward to a fulfilling and productive lifetime. Contact Live Free Home Health Care for more information on how our Concord home health caregivers can make a person with MS feel enabled, motivated and connected to others.